I use make as a part of my deploy process. I create make commands like make deploy-dev to deploy to development and make deploy-staging to deploy to staging. You get that picture. One of the things I needed to figure out was how to tell make to ignore linting errors when I am compressing my assets using webpack

Here are some example commands taken directly from my Makefile


deploy-dev: run-yarn
	rm static/build/*
	NODE_ENV='development' webpack -p --progress --colors 2>/dev/null; true
	python deploy-site.py dev

deploy-staging: run-yarn
	rm static/build/*
	NODE_ENV='staging' webpack -p --progress --colors 2>/dev/null; true
	python deploy-site.py staging

If you want to ignore errors, pipe the stdout (or stderr) to null and return true using >/dev/null; true