By default, Backbone.Collection is sorted by model id (usually from the database). If you want to sort by another attribute, you need to define a comparator function. Here is an example that words for a boolean value

var Tags = Backbone.Collection.extend({

	sort_key: 'id', // default sort key

	comparator: function(item) {
		return !item.get(this.sort_key);
	sortByField: function(fieldName) {
		this.sort_key = fieldName;

	model: FETCHER.Models.TagModel,

	url: '/api/v1/tags/',


After adding code like this to your collection, you can simply make a simple call like


And if attribute is boolean, the trues fill float to the top of the collection. Also, note that youc an re-render elements in your UI by listening to the sort call: